About Me

I migrated from Massachusetts to Charleston, South Carolina in 2017 after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. Prior to establishing a substantial yoga practice, I was an extremely dedicated band geek for 13 years, and a weight-lifting gym rat for about 3. I practiced yoga super casually in college and didn't dive deep into the practice until I started my yoga teacher training at Holy Cow Yoga Center, 6 days after moving to Charleston.

Both my practice and teaching style have evolved over the years, but one thing that has stayed consistent is the importance of music in my classes. Whether I'm teaching vinyasa or practicing yin, having a solid soundscape that mimicks the energy of the class is something I find CRITICAL to the experience as a whole. The connection between body, breath, mind, and sound is one that I nurture both as a teacher and as a student. Two independent yoga projects that I've co-founded (Rising Rhythm and Aurora Yoga) feature live DJs and bring the element of music to the forefront of the experience.