Weekly Offerings


8:30am - Yoga Hour

Holy Cow Yoga Center


7:00am - Vinyasa (45)

The Salt Spa & Yoga


9:30am - Vinyasa

The Salt Spa & Yoga


12:00pm - Vinyasa (45)

The Salt Spa & Yoga


7:00am - Yin to Vin (45)

The Salt Spa & Yoga


4:00pm - Vinyasa

The Salt Spa & Yoga


5:15pm - Vin to Yin

The Salt Spa & Yoga


7:00am - Rise & Flow

Holy Cow Yoga Center


4:15pm - Vin to Yin

The Salt Spa & Yoga


12:00pm - Goat Yoga

The Goatery at Kiawah River


5:15pm - Yin

The Salt Spa & Yoga

Class Descriptions

Yoga Hour | Vinyasa

Your "typical" flow. We will likely warm up seated or on the back, then move mindfully through some sun salutes with different standing sequences sprinkled throughout. We move a little slower than a power class or a truly dynamic vinyasa because I like giving students to chance to arrive in the pose and experience it completely. Usually accompanied by my quirky sense of humor and a badass playlist.


Vin to Yin

My absolute favorite way to practice. The first 30(ish) minutes we flow, and then the second half we explore a few yin postures (that we hold for about 3 minutes each) before settling in to a nice, juicy Savansana. The perfect balance between effort and ease to satisfy my Libra ass.

Yin to Vin | Rise & Flow

A class that encourages us to explore the duality between active and passive stretching. We start out surrenduring into long, passive sustains, and then build to a little flow before winding back down. 

Take Rise & Flow VIRTUALLY or IN-STUDIO 

Goat Yoga

It's exactly what it sounds like - yoga with goats! The most common question we get is "are they going to jump on me?" and the answer to that is no. We keep the interactions between goats and students really organic. They come and they go throughout the class, roaming around as they please. You'll have time before and after to explore the gorgeous farm and give the other animals some well-deserved love.


60 minutes of slow, gooey, deliciously passive stretching. Each pose is held for 3(ish) minutes with gentle transitions between them. Designed to calm the central nervous system and target the connective tissue beneath the muscles of the body. You'll leave feeling totally blissed out and ready to take on whatever this crazy world has in store for you next.

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